Glitter Sweets cookies & creative catering in Brooklyn & beyond.

Staff at organizations responding to the crisis resulting from the new Regime work extra hours under pressure, and cookies are a sweet way to say thank you! If you buy them cookies then we will deliver those cookies for FREE. See the Menu of Cookie Collections on the “About” page for all the tasty options.

Contact to order or inquire.

Of course, we are here for any & all of your cookie needs. Order any of our cookie collections for yourself, your beloved friends, or your awesome work mates. We custom design for special events, create unique DIY cookie decorating kits, and share cookie magic in workshops – contact us about hosting one at your house!



Based in Brooklyn, NY, the Glitter Sweets kitchen brings you delicious, inspired cookies to match your delicious, inspired moments of being. All our sweets are handcrafted and made with organic ingredients whenever possible. We also make all the icings, colored sugars, sprinkles, and other decorations in-house with natural ingredients.

Cookies can be yours via mail order across the country, delivery in New York City, or pick-up in Brooklyn. FREE SHIPPING to social justice organizations – including shelters for folks who are homeless or fleeing violence – and champions in office.

Menu of Cookie Collections

riseupbutterflies1. Rise Up Butterflies: rich vanilla butter cookie butterflies with hand cut & colored sprinkles and slogans resist, rise up, create, joy; $30 per dozen to benefit Sylvia’s Place, NYC’s only emergency shelter for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) young people. Young queer folks are disproportionately without safe homes, and NYC becomes home to many displaced queer youth from across the country: Order two dozen for you & yours or for the shelters in your area (we ship everywhere!), and we will send a batch to Sylvia’s Place for the kids to enjoy.


2. Wholehearted Resistance: rich vanilla butter cookie hearts in assorted sizes with yoga-inspired mantras including whole hearted, compassion, loving kindness, mindful as well as resist; $25 per dozen. This collection benefits the Center for Survivor Agency and Justice (


3. Woke Animals: signature butter cookie cut into hippos, moose, penguins, piggies, and more with filagree decorations in royal icing and slogans: clean water, sacred earth, food justice, unite, learn, resist. These fancy guys are $30 per dozen; proceeds donated to Standing Rock legal support funds and Earth Justice (

GSchocosloth4. *NEW* Chocolate Cinnamon Sloth!
dark chocolate wafer cookie with cinnamon and a wisp of cayenne in sloth form urging you to “slow down.” Nibble with Mexican hot cocoa for ultimate choco-relax/revive. $20 per dozen. The sloths join their animal friends in benefiting water defenders’ legal support.

5. Coffee Drinkers: fancy decorated butter cookies along with coriander-orange shortbread, crisp-chewy chocolate rounds, and a whole wheat biscotti that all pair well with a hot beverage; $20 per dozen with a minimum 2 dozen order. This collection also benefits the overnight program at Sylvia’s Place emergency shelter for LGBTQ youth.

6. As You Like It: our signature vanilla butter cookies in customized shapes, decorated to suit your fancy; $30 per dozen. We do lovely vegan and gluten free versions (not a gluten free kitchen). Please be in touch and let us know your heart’s desire.


About the Cook

Vanessa Rae has a lifetime of cookie experience and an unabashed love of glitter. She has run a farm-to-table kitchen, worked professionally as a facilitator and strategist for international human rights and social justice organizations, and cooking and eating have always been central to her organizing and community building work.

Back in the day, she managed kitchen crews for the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which was the largest out door kitchen in the US at the time, and she served in the Food Not Bombs pop-up kitchen at St. Mark’s in-the-Bowery to feed the protestors of the Republican National Convention in NYC, 2004. She truly learned to cook for crowds by facilitating feasts in Radical Faerie sanctuary, and for every moment in that kitchen, she is ever grateful.



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